A strategic partner

Euronautics was founded in 2010 by three structural analysis enthusiasts with a strong industrial background in the aeronautical and automotive fields, who wanted to become an industry-reference in their field of expertise.

We offer integrated solutions for the structural analysis and optimization of primary structure (such as wing, fuselage and empennage structure) in the aeronautical industry, complete body-in-white and suspensions in automotive applications.

As such, we are a strategic choice for those Companies looking for a partner which is able to relieve them from this aspect of their design process.

With each project, we start over

For more than 10 years, we have been seeking out challenges that allowed us to learn and be better at what we do. Today, we continue to work with the same passion that inspired our founders on their quest to make their concept come true.

Mission, Vision & Values


Our mission is to deliver value to our Stakeholders and Customers by providing services of structural analysis and CFD in the aeronautical and automotive industries with best-in-class quality outputs.


To be a leading engineering company, renowned for our working methodologies, technological heritage, and human resource capabilities.

Our company’s main asset is our people. This is why we focus on attracting outstanding talent, training and challenging people to help them fully develop all their abilities.


  • Safety – Committed to people’s safety, to caring for the environment and community development.

  • Local roots and global vision – Local roots and respect for cultural diversity within the framework of a global business vision.

  • Our people – Human resources development and knowledge building.

  • Compliance – Transparency and professionalism in management.

  • Accountability – Emphasis on processes and predictability.

Questions & Answers

We start off as structural analysis engineers. As such, we’ve always struggled to understand rather than analysing structures. The capital “E” is the first letter of our brand name, while the four arrows are borrowed by a plate subject to shear forces. Is that weird? Probably, but we really love it!

We have worked with other engineering Companies. Most times, large engineering Companies, where the specialists were one in a thousand. We want to care about each and every specialist working with us: this is the only way to grow up strong and become trusted to our Customers.

At the moment, we are not hiring. However, we always want to know people and widen our professional network. So, please use one of our Social channels (look at the bottom of the page) or click here to contact us.

Yes, we do. Quoting Henry Ford,

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.

This year, we are supporting Save the Children, and will be good if you could do so as well.

In the 21st century, engineering Companies can be everywhere in the World, as far as they have a good internet connection. Moreover, we are convinced that the Apulia region, in southern Italy, is full of undiscovered talents and strong skills that are only waiting to blossom.

Absolutely not. We only care about technical skills, self-denial to hard work, attitude to work in team. All the rest is ignorance, and there’s no room for it in our Company.

Yes, we do. Research & Development are an important part of our daily work. We invest up to 20% of our income to investigate projects we believe in. Soon, we will add a page to our site fully dedicated to our internal R&D projects.

Not yet, but we are writing our own. However, the following list summarizes the basic principles that inspire us, and that we require our specialists commit to.

  • Be respectful. Although opinions may differ, it is important to remain civil and respectful. Work together to foster a productive environment where everyone is allowed to have an opinion without repercussions.
  • Be inclusive. We are welcoming of people from all backgrounds on our team, including members of any race, ethnicity, culture, class, orientation, education, age, size, family status, political or religious beliefs and mental and physical ability.
  • Be considerate. Treat others how you would like to be treated in the workplace. Each person on this team is important and essential, and each person’s decisions and actions affect our outcomes and morale.
  • Be professional. Conducting yourself professionally includes being kind to others. Maintain professional interactions when communicating with others at all times.