Executive Summary

Scope of this Project is to demonstrate the attractiveness of the concept of a citycar with distinctive features with respect to the current offer and, subsequently, to develop the design of the complete vehicle up to a TRL = 7. This concept reduces the drawbacks of electrical mobility to nearly zero right now, with no need for expensive investments. No more excuses to refuse the clean technology of the furure.

The features that make this concept unique are:

  • Small power: core of the Project is the demonstration that running everyday errands does not require high powered motors – 15 kW is more than enough.
  • Large room: the only thing that needs to be large on such a vehicle is the room available for payload. TidbiT’s shape is such to maximize the internal room with respect to the external size.
  • Trendyness: this is not a regular kind of citycar: it’s trendy and unique, just like every family is.
  • Easiness: forget about the recharge panic. Use TidbiT during the day and let it recharge at night in a common household socket.
  • Sustainability: TidbiT is built with 100% recyclable material.
  • Structural analysis

  • Topological and topographical optimization

  • High velocity impact analysis (crash)

  • CFD

  • Technical reporting and documentation

This allows our Customers to benefit of one or more of our skills, in order to receive a “turnkey project” with one only engineering interface.

More details about each of our services is provided below. However, feel free to contact us for any enquiries you may have.

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Structural analysis

20+ years of experience in structural analysis in the aeronautical and automotive environments ensure the reliability and the best-in-class quality of our outputs. Significant focus is provided to high-tech materials such as light alloys and composites. The following list summarizes the types of structural analysis we can support our Customers with:

  • Linear and non-linear static

  • Stability (buckling) analysis

  • Modal and frequency response

  • Fatigue and Damage tolerance

  • Damage propagation

Topological and topographical optimization

Our specialists have 20+ years of experience in structural optimization (both topological and topographical) which, supported by the use of advanced optimization industry-proven software can make us deliver to our Customers light-weight, stiff and strong structures, tailored on each Customer’s needs and requirements.

Topological optimization also provides structural configurations which are suitable for 3D printing, more and more used and trusted in both aerospace and automotive environments.

High velocity impact analysis (crash)

More and more stringent regulations are imposing also small manufacturers to show compliance to crash analysis from the numerical standpoint first, to be then validated via crash testing. Euronautics has acquired the skills needed for performing this kind of analysis using the automotive leader software suite (Altair Radioss).


CFD (computational fluid dynamics) completes the set of services that Euronautics can offer to its Customers, so that they can have one only interface to deal with, and receive a product which is fully compliant with their expectations. CFD analysis performed at Euronautics is specifically tailored to those small manufacturers which want to interface with a small service provider as well, ensuring flexibile and agile mentality.

Technical reporting and documentation

Last but not least, the aspect of reporting and documenting analysis is really important indeed, above all when the performed analyses need to be handed to certification or homologation Authorities. All assumptions, input data, processing and outputs need to be clearly written on formal documents so to minimize the risk of expensive and time-consuming back and forths.

Our experience in preparation of Certification plans, test matrices and Certification reports is the assurance of the above aspects to be addressed at the best.

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